1300 DRIVER on the Radio

1300 DRIVER is a 24/7 service for long haul truck drivers and their families. 1300 DRIVER offers education, information, one-off and ongoing support for long haul truck drivers, and referrals, related to alcohol, tobacco, drugs and health and lifestyle issues affecting them, via 24/7 telephone, website, and Twitter.

Truckies have one of the toughest jobs. With all the stress, anxiety and long hours that come with life on the road, it’s easy to develop unhealthy behaviors, including eating badly, sleeping poorly and overusing alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and other substances.

All these behaviours can take a heavy toll on your health.

If you’re a driver and any of the above feel familiar, give us a call. There are positive choices available that will give you the confidence and energy to push through.

What does Ray Hadley, Ambassador for 1300DRIVER, have to say about 1300 DRIVER? Listen in.