‘R U Over It’ Drink Drive Prevention Campaign

Two ‘morning after’ drink drive prevention resources, the ‘R U Over It’ poster and brochure, will soon be available from NSW Health.

The poster and brochure, targeting young drivers aged 17 to 25 years were initially developed by the Drink Drive Prevention Team at Southern NSW Local Health District and supported by Leeton Shire Council, as a local initiative to raise awareness that a person can still be intoxicated the morning after a night of drinking alcohol. A coaster, poster and website also supported the campaign. The website www.ruoverit.com.au  features a tool to calculate when your blood alcohol concentration returns to zero after a night of drinking.

whatsnew2The ‘R U Over It’ Campaign was developed in response to a significant proportion of drink drive offences still occurring in the morning hours. Findings from an external evaluation of the Greater Southern Area Health Service ‘Morning After the Night Before’ Campaign conducted in 2008 supported the need to raise awareness of the likelihood of being ‘over the limit’ the day after a ‘big night out’ and encourage drinkers to plan their transport arrangements ahead of time.   The evaluation also recommended a multilayered campaign focusing on youth friendly advertising mediums, addressing the needs of the target group.

The social, legal and personal risks associated with drink driving impact on work, family, health and the wider community.  Whilst alcohol was a contributing factor in 24% of all fatal crashes across NSW, the figure is higher for country roads where alcohol is a contributing factor in 28% of road fatalities. Forty percent of all drink drivers in fatal crashes are aged 17-25 years (NSW Centre for Road Safety, 2009).

The ‘R U Over It’ poster and brochure will be available for order from www.yourroom.com.au  from June 2013.