Update – new online destination for CDATs

CDAT_We_are_stronger_together (1)Recently NSW Health has transitioned co-ordination and support for Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs) to the Australian Drug Foundation.

This means that online resources, news and information for CDATs which was previously provided on yourroom.com.au will now be provided on the Australian Drug Foundation website instead.

Information on the new pages includes:

–          How to join a CDAT,

–          How to get in touch with your local Senior Community Development Officer,

–          Information on alcohol, drug types and effects, young people,  statistics

–          Upcoming conferences and events,

–          Options to subscribe to regular alcohol and drug information updates,

–          Useful templates, tips and project ideas.

The new webpage address is www.adf.org.au/cdat

Please update your bookmarks.

For more information please contact:

Nikki Woolley – Australian Drug Foundation NSW/ACT State Manager: nikki.woolley@adf.org.au