World Hepatitis Day 28/7/14

The theme for World Hepatitis Day in 2014 in Australia is: Liver health check-ups. Love your Liver – Know your Liver

It is estimated that there are almost a half a million Australians living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C, however many are not yet diagnosed, few are having a regular liver health check-up and treatment rates remain inexcusably low. These factors are leading to an increasing number of people developing complications of serious liver disease. If regular liver health check-ups were a routine part of care for all people with viral hepatitis, action could be taken earlier to help avert many of these complications. (Hepatitis Australia)

Untreated hepatitis can undermine your health and lead to a range of painful and unnecessary illnesses.  Talk with your doctor or contact your local hepatitis organisation for more information.  In NSW that is Hepatitis NSW.

Treatment is available and cure is possible.

Fact sheets in English, Chinese and Vietnamese are available from Hepatitis Australia’s Love your Liver website.